Diet Pepsi launched an AM bottle, designed by DJ AM and Niko Archtipes, and marked it with a party, produced by Vintage 415, at Mezzanine.

Monica Abedin_Alice Davies Christy Kranjec_Ted Hulbush Jyoti Paintel_Andrew McCormick
Monica Abedin, Alice Davies    Chrisy Kranjec, Ted Hulbush    Jyoti Paintel, Andrew McCormack

Todd Palmerton_Travis Hellyer DJAM Pepsi party Nicole Buick_Alexandra Duisberg
Todd Palmerton, Travis Hellyer                    DJ AM                        Nicole Buick, Alexandra Duisberg

Steve & Jerad Rivera_Nate Valentine Nicole Nejeschleda_Ella Keevin
Steve & Jared Rivera, Nate Valentine                              Nicole Nejeschleda, Ella Keevin

Doug Dalton, Alyssa Crankshaw, Andy Wasserman, Allison Koch

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