Pet Gift Guide: The Top 10 Must-Haves From K9 Scrub Club


Your loyal pet shares unabashed love and affection with you throughout the year, why not give your best bud a special present or two to show your appreciation? K9 Scrub Club has the best pet gift items available this holiday season, check out the array of clever treats your pup will absolutely roll over for.

1. Saguaro Tipi - Each dog tipi is handcrafted in California from 100% cotton, birch wood, and microfiber suede cord. The design essence aims to deliver a comfortable den-like environment perfect for a Saguaro sunset or cozy fireside snooze.   

2. Dogear Raised Feeder - Contemporary stylish raised double feeders come in 3 sizes in powder-coated steel with rubber non-skid feet. Available in black, blue, grey and white and includes two stainless steel bowls. 

3. Sleepypod Air - Sleepypod Air is the only airline approved pet carrier that redefines in-cabin pet travel. It adapts to the various under-seat storage requirements set by different airlines while providing maximum comfort for your jet set pet. The stylish sleepypod is available in five crowd-pleasing colors.  

4. Sleepypod Click-It Utility - The first dog safety harness to incorporate three points of attachment  to absorb force in a frontal collision by dissipating energy and keep the dog in the car seat during an impact. 

5. Safespot Locking leash - You lock your bike, why not your beagle?   Approximately two million dogs are stolen each year. The steel cable reinforced locking leash is a perfect everyday leash with a fully adjustable collar and lead in hone. Securely locks your dog to any immovable object when necessary or can be used as daily walking leash without using the lock feature.  

6. Urban Denim Lounge Bed - Soft interior made from eco-friendly, recycled material. Modern, clean design with upscale urban styling. Designed in San Francisco.

7.  Santa Stache Sweater - Turtleneck pullover sweater is a wardrobe fundamental with a quirky twist. Super soft and warm sleeveless design means your pooch can strut in total stylish comfort.

8. Merrick Holiday Sausage Treat Gift Box - Real premium meats, made in the USA, it's a classic holiday gift box!

9. Snowflake socks -  No skid pad to prevent slipping for stylish holiday footwear.

10. Dog Smart Interactive Dog Toy - A beautifully designed, modern interactive dog toy. Specially made to promote stimulating, reward-based play.  The wooden design looks great in any home.  

K9 Scrub Club: San Francisco premium dog wash, dog grooming, boutique pet store and online pet store features the best food, toys and gear for dogs and cats. Upper Noe Valley, 1734 Church St. (between 29th and Day St.). A second location will open in Fairfax (Marin) this December. All items available online at

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