On March 8th—a surprisingly but appropriately warm and sunny day in San Francisco's famed Marina District—7x7 celebrated the Spring 2012 edition of its comprehensive pocket-guide to the City's vibrant nightlife culture with a lovely event at cover establishment, The Brixton (2140 Union St.)

The most prominent figures in the nightlife and entertainment industries rubbed elbows with a host of 7x7 VIPs culled from our newsletter list* to scan the informative new publication while enjoying delicious signature cocktails made with Four Roses bourbon and ice-cold bottles of Stella Artois.

Guests were also treated to an array of The Brixton's popular menu items, with yummy bites underscoring its reputation as a multi-faceted destination. One of San Francisco's best DJs, the award-winning Bay Area native DJ CAMS, kept the crowd rocking throughout the gorgeous early evening.

Photos: Kira Stackhouse | Nuena Photography

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