We've always been pretty envious of the interior design at 826 Valencia. All the old ship-like details give the place a bit of a trendy, "Steam Punk" feel, and how great would it be to have all that extra storage with drawers all over your place? Or imagine your guest's surprise when they open up your medicine cabinet to find it filled with lard? Serves ye right for snoopin', we'd say. Of course besides being Dave Eggers' empire of all things pirate, the store is mainly a front for 826 Valencia's tutoring program, which takes place in the back. But did you know there are other 826 programs across the US? This article on the Chronicle Books Blog alerted us to the "Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store", which covertly hides its tutoring area behind two supply shelves. Other 826 outposts have similarly whimsical digs, all of which warrant a look. You can find out more about the 826 workshop and tutoring programs here.