Pixies at The Fox: Pretty Much The Holy Grail of Shows


The Pixies opened up their first of a three-night stint at The Fox with (not surprisingly) the infamous video that "Debaser" was based off of called Un Chien Andalou - it entails a woman's eye being slit open by a razor among other adult themes (when the directors are Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali you can't really be that shocked). After a grand entrance involving what can only be described as light up crepe balls on hydraulics and a heavy smoke machine, the opening song was really the shocker. Having "Dancing The Manta Ray" as the first in the set list really set the tone for the entire show. Die-hard fans know the first song from B-Side, and the first couple were only Doolittle-era songs, kind of leaving the wayward Fight Club fans out of the loop for a little while. They knew who their audience was and carefully placed each song in accordance. Without giving too much away (for those planning on attending either of the next two nights), the closer was "Gouge Away," leaving it very open to an encore. What we didn't know is that we'd get a double-encore performance featuring certain songs not of Doolittle, and definitely crowd pleasers. Pixies are one of those iconic bands that everyone will wish they saw 20 years from now, and it's a show to be remembered for at least that many years to come. We're still processing just how amazing the show was last night, but what we do know is that it definitely was epic.

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