I love tidepooling at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Moss Beach, but it is no easy feat to get my beloved out there to explore these unusual aquatic habitats with me. Not because he isn't just as amazed as I am to observe live starfish, hermit crabs and sea urchins in the rocky reefs, but because, as a staunch champion for the cause of helpless creatures great and small, it pains him to watch me poke the otherworldly sunburst anemones with a stick. I, too, strive to be a defender of helpless creatures great and small, but the prodding—it's like an involuntary reaction. Spot anemone with tentacles wide open, vulnerable; proceed to jab with stick. Needless to say, don't follow my abhorrent example. These easy guidelines should be honored (and believe it or not, "No Touching" is not one of the commandments). These tide tables should help you plan your outing (aim for low tide, folks, or else there won't be much to see). And this menu, from nearby Moss Beach Distillery, should whet your appetite for post-tidepooling nourishment.