Pop, Lock and Crunk It: HipHop DanceFest is Back This Friday


If you like adrenaline-pumped displays of life and limb rhythmically detached from the usual boundaries of physics, check out the 11th Annual San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest this Friday. The first festival of its kind and now an institution, it draws groups from all over the world. This year’s crop hails from Ireland, Norway, South Korea, New York, and London (as well as the slightly less exotic Oakland and Santa Rosa), and descends on San Francisco this weekend to show off gravity-confounding spins and headstands. 

Local groups including Loose Change, New Style Motherload and Funkanometry SF, will perform alongside their hip hop brethren from further afield. Last for One is flying in from South Korea, and is widely recognized as one of the best b-boying groups in the world. Bad Taste Cru of Ireland, known as one of the UK’s premier b-boy groups, will also be flipping themselves upside down and perhaps even inside out. (We’re not sure, the Wikipedia entry for b-boying was somewhat vague.) Ill-Abilities is composed of Canadian, Californian and Chilean dancers who weave their physical limitations into a strong, distinctive style.

Whether you’re a hip hop expert or once heard a Beyonce song on the radio and maybe felt your foot tapping, check it out. Gasp along with the audience as you ponder the fact that a good 50 percent of those moves would, if attempted, pop your spine from its proper skeletal alignment. (Those crazy kids and their chiropractor bills.)

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