Joe Strummer
The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer; courtesy of IFC Films

Hey film nerds, here's my weekly installment of film picks to check out around your 'hood. Until next time, be bad and get into trouble baby.

Happenings Round Town

•    Woody Allen double feature with Love and Death and Interiors Castro (tonight)
•     Bakushi: The Incredible Lives of Rope-Masters (2007) Dir. Hiroki YBCA (10/19-20)
•     Lust, Caution (2007) Dir. Lee – Embarcadero
•    The Darjeeling Limited (2007) Dir. Anderson – Embarcadero
•    The King of California (2007) Dir. Cahill – Embarcadero
•    Control (2007) Dir. Corbijn – Lumiere (week of 10/26)
•    The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer (2007) Dir. Temple – Lumiere (week of 11/9)