courtesy of Charlie Chaplin Productions

Greetings and salutations
* film nerds. I've been traveling back and forth between SF, LA, Carmel and Palm Springs for a bunch of fairly intense interviewing/writing stints that are taking the lion's share of my time, and writing Hooker's Reel till dawn is starting to wear me down. You should see my nails!

Anywho, I would love to pick the Reel back up in its entirety in the next two weeks—for the time being, a list of Happenings Round Town will have to suffice. Alas, I have no idea if I will be missed. (Have I been oinking into the wind?) Until then, this is MRF signing off. Until we meet again, be bad and, get into trouble baby.*

Happenings About Town:
•    Mala Noche (1985) Dir. Van Sant–Castro Theatre (ends July 5)
•    City Lights (1931) Dir. Chaplin (starts Friday)
•    Labor Fest: International Working Class Video and Film Festival–Roxie (starts Thursday)