Portugal. The Man’s New Album: The Satanic Satanist Preview


An extremely thematic and well-thought-out album is about to hit stores near you, and we were lucky enough to preview it a few weeks in advance. We're talking about the much-anticipated album of up-and-comers (and personal favorites), Portugal. The Man. While their third album, Censored Colors, knocked them through into super-fame, the forthcoming fourth record, The Satanic Satanist, shows a side of Portugal the public has yet to see. Perhaps a more massively appealing album with its vocal-centric and decidedly uncomplicated musical arrangements, what remains inside is a deep potential for what’s next and even more so, the very obvious fact that Portugal. The Man has and always will be a stellar live band that doesn’t entirely translate to record. Their live show is so amazing in fact, that we highly doubt Portugal fans will lose faith with this album, and instead, opt to see it live before completely dismissing it.

There are some victories here and there, like the band’s first-ever love song “Lovers In Love,” with the electric twang we all know and love from our boys. The song focuses a tid-bit more on the music we know they are very capable of playing. Likewise, the hard, gritty rock track, “Guns and Dogs” showcases a few crucial solos and breakdowns that really show off their talents and ambitions. Also, a cute thing to take note of while listening, the very planned “bookends” on the album aka the starting and finishing lines, the starting being “Save me, I can’t be saved,” and the closing, “I don’t believe,” tie in a whole idea by lead-singer, John Gourley about independence and briefly referencing his dad’s said escape to Alaska in the 70s. It’s a very focused effort on Portugal. The Man’s part and like most of their tracks, is absolutely relatable and deeply personal.

While not our favorite Portugal album, we understand what they’re getting at, and we thoroughly applaud their efforts, and to be honest, any Portugal. The Man is much better than none at all.

The Satanic Satanist will be out July 21st (Equal Vision Records).

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