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The Four Gayest Cocktails in the Castro

In honor of Pride Month, I bring you a roundup of four of the "gayest" cocktails I could find around the Castro – where, by the way, in contrast to previous decades, it's not so impossible to get a well made drink anymore.

“Dapper Boi” Aims To Give More Androgynous Women Jeans That Fit

Many people assigned female at birth aren’t comfortable in women’s jeans, but can’t easily wear pants designed for men. San Diego couple Charisse and Vicky Pasche are very familiar with the issue—so they created “Dapper Boi,” a clothing line aimed at the more androgynous woman. 

Jeffrey Marsh Is Saving Lives Through Vine, and You Can Too

Jeffrey Marsh is a gay, gender-nonconforming activist who is known on Vine for their messages of love, support, and self-acceptance.

Meet the Photographer Bringing Real LGBT Couples to Commercial Campaigns

More than a year after starting the All Love Is Equal project, photographer Braden Summers says it has “exceeded expectations on all accounts.” 

Around The World With LGBT Travel Expert Carlos Melia

Last year, we reported that LGBT tourists spend more money on vacation than their straight counterparts. And in May, the New York Times (quoting LGBT market research firm Community Marketing Insights) estimated the economic impact of LGBT travelers in the US at $70 billion annually.

Five Gay Travel Bloggers to Bookmark Before You Hit the Road

Gay tourism is growing, and it always helps to have someone's firsthand experience tell us what it’s really like traveling to Doha, Dubai, and Berlin—from the nightlife to the neighborhoods. If you haven’t bookmarked these gay travel bloggers yet, these are the ones to check out (even if only on Instagram).

Taking a Detour Through the Castro’s History

In a city as vibrant as San Francisco, it can be hard to remember that it has a lot of history as well—but the company Detour is working to change that.

The Straight James Franco Talks to the Gay James Franco

With three films slated for this spring—True StoryI Am Michael, and Wim Wenders's Everything Will Be Fine—James Franco continues to be the busiest man in show business.

Tokyo Moves to be LGBT-Inclusive by 2020 Olympics

Japan isn’t known for LGBT inclusivity—but Tokyo intends to change that by 2020. 

SF Giants Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt Urges Fellow Christians to Love Gays

San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt is urging his fellow Christians to let go of animosity toward LGBT people, insisting on his blog that both the church and its followers should become “beacons of love.” Though he admitted in 2013 that he used to hold homophobic views himself, he later realized he was wrong.

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