Ricky Lizdale, Winner of the Project Runway’s Levi’s challenge, made a special appearance on May 1st at the Union Square Levi’s store to debut his winning design. The Fierce dark denim mini dress sold out in a shocking 8 hours! In addition to the runway dress, Lizdale designed five pieces in celebration of Levi’s “501 Day”. “501 Day” is an annual event encouraging Levi’s employees to participate in local volunteer projects. This year, to kick off “501 Day” Levi’s introduced the “Take your Jeans Off” campaign where customers receive 20% off a new pair when they donate an old pair of jeans benefiting Goodwill Industries.

Julie Chung, Mychelle Turner

Mark Breitbard, John Anderson, Ricky Lizalde, Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez

Ricky Lizalde, Jehan Choo (Project 501 Winner)

Mark Breitbard, Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, Ricky Lizalde, Jehan Choo, John Anderson

Don Power, Rachel Grossman

Jilliann Markey, Diane Jones Lowry, Erica Archambault

John Paul Balmet, Jehan Choo, Crystal Chan

Alicia Wilson, Ricky Lizalde

Robert Cameron, Keith Calandro, Caroline Calvin

Ricky Lizalde, Hooman

Mychelle Turner, Ricky Lizalde, Tracy King

Ricky Lizalde, Carlos Chavez