Q&A with 50 Shades! The Musical Producer Emily Dorezas


Less than two weeks after tickets went on sale for 50 Shades! The Musical, audiences were moaning for more. The parody of the steamy bestseller has been titillating theatergoers with sold-out runs in Chicago and NYC, and now the seat squirmer touches down in SF with a week's worth of shows to get you all hot and bothered. With 32 million copies sold in the U.S. alone and a musical performance with original songs like "There's a Hold Inside of Me," there's solid proof that sex still sells and Americans aren't as prude as perceived! Here, we asked producer Emily Dorezas for a little tease. 


What was your starting point for writing this script?
In July 2012, co-producer Marshall Cordell saw a news story about hardware stores running out of rope because of some book. That book was Fifty Shades of Grey. He thought there was an opportunity, so he talked to Al Samuels (co-producer, co-writer) and I. We all thought a parody scripted musical about this book would be a unique and pretty crazy project.

You produced this show with two males. Any awkward moments during the concepting phase?
Well, I don't know what you can print, but right out of the gate we had to start discussing the "Hard Limits." So, modesty went out the window in about 3 seconds. We also sent Marshall to a couple sex shops for props at the beginning of the process. The clerks taught Marshall what a spanking table, ball gags, and gimp masks (among other things) are. I am sure Marshall's family appreciates how we've corrupted him.

Funniest moment during rehearsals?
Watching Amber (Ana) and Chris (Christian) fumble around in creating the first time Ana and Christian hook up.

Tips for mothers and daughters going to see the show together?
Well, if you've both read the book, you're going to have a great time. If your mom hasn't read it, just know you are going have to explain some BDSM lifestyle choices to her on the way home. Unless you get a couple drinks in her—then she won't care, and she'll probably admit to knowing a lot more about BDSM than you thought she did!

Fill in the blanks. Before going to see this show, you should ______? After seeing the show, you should _______?
Before: Have some drinks. After: Go to the lobby and meet the cast. Try to go home with one of the dancers.

Rate an average SF audience on the 50 Shades meter — 1 for an audience who would never try this at home, 50 for an audience that will be dashing out the door to reenact?
50. I mean, come on. I think most of this stuff was invented in San Francisco.

How many times have you read the 50 Shades trilogy?
Only once.

50 Shades! The Musical runs from Tues. 7/23–Sun. 7/28 at the Marines' Memorial Theatre, 609 Sutter St., 2nd floor., 50shadesmusical.com

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