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A firm believer in the healing power of touch, Sigley founded his business, Cuddle Therapy, three years ago out of his home. His wide array of clients hire him for hour-long cuddling and meditation sessions, during which he will talk to them about anything they desire (or simply remain silent).

But Sigley doesn't want to stop at one-on-one cuddling appointments. He's aiming to bring his brand international, starting with partnerships with other cuddle practitioners and a "cuddle road trip" planned for early next year. In the mean time, you may have spotted him around town, showing up to house parties or live music events armed with fluffy gear to create one of his famous "cuddle puddles."

The Huffington Post recently caught up with Sigley to learn about the importance of human contact, his favorite cuddling positions and who would most benefit from a nice, long cuddle.

So what is cuddle therapy, anyway? It's an intimacy, affection and touch service I started in order to fill a gap that I saw in a lot of people's lives. They weren't experiencing any closeness or connection with people; they felt isolated or alone.

What goes down during a session? Every client starts with a face-to-face intake appointment to discuss what their needs are, set some boundaries and expectations. During the session itself, I'll either go to their location or welcome them into my space. I'll then sit ourselves down, guide us through a meditation to clear out the day. Then we'll both lay back and I tell them they're the leader and are welcome to ask for anything they need–a position, a topic of conversation, maybe they just want to be held in silence. It's different every single time. Some people like to talk and get things off their chest; others just want to relax and get into a new space and not have to do anything.

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