Rabbit: Where to Find It, How to Cook It and What to Serve It With


Deep Dish: Mission Beach Café devotes every Tuesday to several varieties of pot pie. The rabbit version is loaded with vegetables—turnips, English peas, carrots and parsnips—that could have been stolen straight from Farmer Brown’s garden. 198 Guerrero St., 415-861-0198, missionbeachcafesf.com

Spread the Love: Fatted Calf’s rillettes combine shredded rabbit meat (sourced from Devil’s Gulch Ranch) with white wine and organic herbs. Spread it on toasts for a simple, sophisticated hors d’oeuvre that will make everyone hoppy. $19/lb. at the Fatted Calf stand, Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, fattedcalf.com

What’s Up, Doc? If rabbit makes you think of carrots, head to the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and load up your Easter basket with dozens of carrots—from Red Indian and Little Finger to Sugar Snack and Thumbelinas—at the Star Route, Marin Roots and Dirty Girl booths. Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, cuesa.org

Game On: You’ll find excellent rabbit recipes in the “Four Legs” chapter of Game: A Cookbook by London chefs Tom Norrington Davies and Trish Hilferty. Save the dishes in the “Two Legs” and “No Legs” chapters for another meal. $60 at Omnivore Books, 3885 Cesar Chavez St., 415-282-4712, omnivorebooks.com

Yellow Fever: Rabbit and mustard is a classic combination. Ditch the Grey Poupon in favor of this whole-grain offering flavored with Meyer lemon and Sauvignon Blanc from Bento 415, a take-away lunch spot located within Pinkie’s Bakery. $4/jar at Bento 415, 300 De Haro St., 415-355-1269, bento415.com

White Rabbit: Fancy a braise, a civet or some buttermilk-fried rabbit? Bi-Rite Market sells the lean, low-fat, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat, which they
source from Devil’s Gulch Ranch in Nicasio. $12/lb. at Bi-Rite Market, 3639 18th St., 415-241-9760, biritemarket.com

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