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As 7x7.com readers were the first to know, Outside Lands' resident authority, Ranger Dave, has joined the Twitterverse and is eager to reward loyal followers. Yesterday marked Dave's first venture out into the streets of San Francisco, tweeting clues along the way regarding his mysterious whereabouts. He promised one lucky fan two 3-day passes to the must-see festival in Golden Gate Park, August 28-30, and he didn't disappoint.

At 1:16 PM on Monday, June 1, the lively cartoon ranger tweeted the following: "Ranger Dave is hitting the streets tomorrow. He will have 3-Day passes on him. Find Ranger Dave first and get two free!"

After revving up followers with that 1-day warning, Ranger Dave posted this at 10:25 AM, June 2: "Ranger Dave is heading east on the N-Judah and will be at his destination around noon. Be the first to whisper the password in his ear."

Intriguing. Fans were already in a flurry by mid-morning, and at 11:40 AM, they received clue 2: "The password is the answer to the following question: which outside lands artist is from concord, north carolina?" Only the most hardcore O.L. devotees knew "Avett Brothers" was the whisper-worthy phrase.

Finally, at 12:14 PM, Dave sent out the final clue: "Ranger Dave is shopping for locally grown organic food at a San Francisco landmark."

Aha! Among the throngs of followers, Ari Wile triumphed, and found the ranger getting his farmer's market on at the Ferry Building. Ari is super psyched to see Calexico and TV on the Radio at the festival, but is most excited to see her very fave artist, Raphael Saadiq.

The very first Ranger Dave Twitter Scavenger Hunt produced the following, mind-boggling statistics:

  • 20 people found him, all ranging in age from 25 - 35-years-old
  • 3 came in from downtown Oakland
  • 3 showed up late because they went to the Metreon farmers market
  • 3 people found him on the N-Judah before his final destination

Don't forget to follow Dave for your chance to win exclusive Outside Lands prizes!: http://twitter.com/sfoutsidelands

Tweet on, Ranger!


Winner Ari Wile



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