Next on our list of celebrity film rankings: Tom Hanks. 

The Concord-born star grew up in Oakland before he made it to the big leagues, which makes him worthy of our scrutiny. 

Without further ado: 


1. The Green Mile

2. Toy Story

3. Saving Private Ryan

4. Big

5. Splash

6. Cast Away

7. Saving Mr. Banks

8. Bachelor Party

9. Catch Me If You Can

10. A League of Their Own

11. Turner & Hooch

12. Apollo 13

13. Road to Perdition

14. Sleepless in Seattle

15. Forrest Gump


5. The Da Vinci Code

4. Polar Express

3. Extremeley Loud & Incredibly Close 

2. Cars

1. Cloud Atlas

By Sarah Medina and Brock Keeling