Ratatat showed up with one of the most elaborate and perfectly timed stage scenes that we’ve ever seen at the Fillmore last night.  Birdseye fractal sequences, beautiful scenery, excessive smoke, confetti bombs, lasers, light shows and musical genius were all in full attendance.

They played in front of a gigantic screen programmed with peculiar (yet somehow show-enhancing) images and blazed through the entire set saying only two words ( “thank you,” softly whispered by multi-instrumentalist/programmer, Evan Mast right before the encore). Not even a peep from guitarist, Mike Stroud. And we didn’t mind a bit.

Ratatat carried the crowd through a mind blowing one-and-a-half hour set, recreating their intense album sounds live with drums, synths, guitars, a bass and some other equipment. The results? Daft Punk-esque energy and Justice style.  In short, it was epic.