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Greetings blog peepers,

When is the last time you saw a line around the block for a clothes sale? I did, Sunday afternoon.

It happens every year at a warehouse south of market when San Francisco's NICE COLLECTIVE has its annual sample sale. It is, pants down, my favorite fashion event on the calendar.

NICE COLLECTIVE is among America's leading fashion designers. The group operates out of San Francisco and is inspired by the spirit and people of SF. Their hip designs are worn by everyone from you and me to movie stars like Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal and rock stars like Bono and Chris Martin's Coldplay. When you wear NICE COLLECTIVE, you feel like a star.

NICE COLLECTIVE is made up of Ian and Joe. Two terribly NICE lads.

Before the frenzy: Hundreds flock to the annual sale in a fashion frenzy for a chance to get their paws on some NICE wear at a bargain price. T-shirts from $15, shirts from $20, jackets from $30, I was in shopping heaven.

If this is good enough for Coldplay's Chris Martin, it's Mmm …

The scene in the dressing room area was something else, best described as dress-up on crack. Only so many items and only so much time to try them on. Then back on the floor to unearth more deals.

Come on Ian, how much for those red suspenders?

With NICE lads, Joe and Ian. Shopping makes me sleepy.

Little Red Riding Hood wears NICE COLLECTIVE.
And Ricky wears part of NICE COLLECTIVE.

Jake and Justin also wear NICE COLLECTIVE.

NICE COLLECTIVE also looks good from behind! Plus ... happy shoppers.


Thanks to Ian and Joey for a fun, fashion-filled afternoon.

And if you’ve never worn NICE COLLECTIVE, go treat yourself. Check them out at


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