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Real Estate Report: This 1920s Spanish in Piedmont is Still a Classic


Tucked into the larger metropolitan area around Oakland, the little suburb of Piedmont is a trove of handsome houses built for the new rich of the early-20th Century, and here's one for sale for $3.2M.

The Basics: a 5-bed, 5.5-bath house built in 1927 in Piedmont just outside of Oakland and an easy commute to San Francisco, asking $3.2M and on the market for about a month. Needs a new kitchen, has no air conditioning, but it looks like there's room for a pool. Piedmont can get steamy.

Not So Basic: the house was designed by Clarence Tantau (1884-1943) at the height of his very successful architectural career in the Bay Area. Tantau specialized in his own style of Spanish/Mediterranean, austere and beautifully proportioned, with very simple details. Read more...