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Real Estate Report: Room for Chickens in Potrero Hill, $3.3M

Those classic shingled cottages everyone loves can be cold, small, and awkward to live in. Some don't even have foundations. Here in Potrero Hill, someone's created a late- 20th century-version-on-steroids with all mod-cons plus local, sustainable agriculture.

The Basics: A 4-bed, 3.5-bath house in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, built in 1997 on three lots, no garage, asking $3.3M.

Not So Basic: A late-20th Century version of the ramshackle shingled houses that went up all over the Bay Area, it's about the closest thing to Marie Antionette's Petit Hameau at Versailles we're likely to see in San Francisco. Granted, currently no sheep, shepherdesses or chickens are on the premises, but it's certainly got the potential. There is an orchard and a somewhat formal vegetable garden, however, and we know a small flock of chickens could indeed be happy here. The house is an arrangement of classic Northern California vernacular cottages around a courtyard and a terrace. Read more...