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Real Estate Report: Sublimely Simple Loft in SoMa, $1.55M

355 Bryant is one of San Francisco's great timber-and-brick loft buildings, and one of the first conversions, dating back to 1992. In this loft owned by interior designer Steve Volpe there's a classic John Dickinson galvanized steel console we'd kill for.  The fluffy lambswool chairs aren't bad either.

 The Basics: a 1-bedroom, 2-bath loft in San Francisco's SoMA neighborhood, new to the market and asking $1.55M.

Not So Basic: 355 Bryant Street was re-invented as residential lofts by architect David Baker. This unit is exceptional for having very little done that interferes with the wide-open spaces, and it faces the building's courtyard, eliminating traffic noise and filtering the light. The collection of furniture is exceptional as well, making the listing a total treat, and also a lesson in how much scale and restraint figure into wide-open spaces.  Read more...