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Real Estate Report: In Noe Valley, A Stylish Top-Floor Flat, Room For Lettuce, $849K

Sometimes, when the listing says "designer-owned",  you're in for trouble. When the designer is Chloe Warner, you're in for an very pleasant surprise.

The Basics: A two-bedroom, one-bath flat in San Francisco's Noe Valley with two sitting rooms and an open kitchen/dining room, plus two decks, a finished attic office, an in-unit laundry and a garage, asking $849K.

Real Estate Report: Dreamy Hillside Dolores Heights Cottage With View

In a town where parking issues can take on monumental proportions, the realtor announces in the listing, in caps: VERY EASY PARKING AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. 

The Basics: A 3-bedroom, 3-bath house in San Francisco's Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights neighborhood, a 1908-vintage cottage expanded and polished in 2002, asking $1.575M.

Real Estate Report: Top of the Food Chain in Pac Heights

Pacific Heights is known for  both luxurious places to live and great views. Here's a 1920s cooperative apartment with both, on the market for $5.25M. 

The Basics: A Pacific Heights penthouse at Gough & California Streets with 4 bedrooms, a maid's room, a laundry/pantry, 2-car parking, in very good condition and asking $5.25M. 

Real Estate Report: Charm + Hot Tub in Cole Valley = $1.149M

San Francisco's Cole Valley neighborhood is full of charming old houses and most of them have undergone some sort of renovation. Here's a small one that's perfect for one person—or a very loving couple—that's also almost perfect for entertaining.

The Basics: This Edwardian-style house from 1923 has two bedrooms and two baths, a neat stucco front with a deep cornice and one delicately-detailed window above the garage.

Real Estate Report: Room for Chickens in Potrero Hill, $3.3M

Those classic shingled cottages everyone loves can be cold, small, and awkward to live in. Some don't even have foundations. Here in Potrero Hill, someone's created a late- 20th century-version-on-steroids with all mod-cons plus local, sustainable agriculture.

The Basics: A 4-bed, 3.5-bath house in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, built in 1997 on three lots, no garage, asking $3.3M.

The Real Estate Report: Big Open Views on Russian Hill, $1.545M

Russian Hill Summit is one of those perfect little San Francisco neighborhoods, with diverse building types ranging  from 19th Century cottages to recent Modernism, and a number of classic Edwardian apartment houses. 

The Basics: A 3-bed, 2.5 bath Edwardian-era condominium in a six-unit building in Russian Hill, asking $1.545M with HOA dues of $932.10 a month.

The Real Estate Report: Pac Heights Three-Bedroom, $2.1M

The Basics: A three-bedroom, three bath plus a powder room condominium in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood, with two-car parking and north bay views from the living room and terrace. asking $2.1M with HOA dues of $894 a month.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1825 Cole Valley 1 Bdrm

I used to live within walking distance of Say Cheese. I don't any longer, which may be why this week's Craigslist Deal is so appealing — it's just around the corner from my favorite sandwich in the city.

But even though the thought of easily skipping out for a chicken and sun-dried tomato on ciabatta anytime I wish is enough to get me to sign the lease, there's plenty more about this apartment to sweeten the deal. Beautiful bay windows, hardwood floors, and built-ins provide ample charm, and the location offers easy access to the N Judah, not to mention Golden Gate Park and the Haight.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1650 Upper Market Cottage

A cottage? I didn't think those existed in the city, at least not with a rental price of less than $5k. But this week's Craigslist Deal is here to prove me wrong.

Most likely originally built as a carriage house for the other home on the property, this little place is essentially a stand-alone junior one-bedroom (i.e., it's small), with its own patio. Though some of the angles look kind of wonky, the kitchen built-ins are charming, and the ample views stunning. There's no exterior image in the ad, so "cottage" could end up being quite a stretch, but for $1650 it's well worth checking out.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1800 Taraval 2 Bdrm

I've been showing you one bedrooms and studios on here since the beginning of time (or 2009, to be more precise), but it's a new year—time to shake things up a bit. So for a slight change of pace, this week's Craigslist Deal is a (oh, the suspense!) TWO bedroom. I mean, can you imagine?

I went outside of the box for this one for a few reasons: A., it's located on Taraval near West Portal, an area with plenty of good hole-in-the-wall restaurants, proximity to the L, and walkability; B., the kitchen is huge, the whole place is filled with enviable light, and there's even a backyard; and C., it's under $2k. So here's to expanding horizons–and square footage–in 2011.

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