Real Talk About The World's End with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright


Before they were big 'ol Hollywood stars, actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright were the best of buds. Fittingly, their newest film and the finale to the "Three Flavours Cornetto" trilogy, The World's End (the 'mint chocolate' of the trilogy, if you're asking) is another clever, British paean to friendship, fraternity, and the love of a good pint. Of course, like their previous films, all of that comes with a heady action twist (hint: It's not zombies this time), much of which is handled by the stars themselves. Expect to spy tons of classic Spaced/Shaun alumni in the mix–including everyone's favorite hobbit, Martin Freeman–and some new ones in unfamiliar places, like Pierce Brosnan as the local grade school teacher/resident badass.

The World's End opens in SF Friday, after a special triple-feature screening following Shaun and Hot Fuzz this Thursday (tickets), and it's a whole_______ of fun. When they visited our fine city for a press screening a few weeks back, we snuck in a quick San Francisco-themed "Lightning Round" with the trio, and we're pretty sure they proved up to the task! Check out their on-the-spot ruminations below:

SF is kind of the nerd HQ of America right now, and we're quite proud of that. We love your movies here… that's why you're here, right? You love us the most of all?

Nick: True.

Edgar: Yes true.

Simon: Of course. 

The World's End is the third piece of what you guys call the Three Flavors Coronetto Trilogy, or the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Who makes the best ice cream in San Francisco?

N: The Italians. Definitely, in the world, the Italians. In San Francisco, no idea. The Italians.

You've all been here a few times, what's the one thing you love most about San Francisco?

S: It's such a good workout for your calves.

E: I like the Bullitt hill!

N: The fact that you are surrounded by, uh, sequoia and redwood.

What's your favorite thing to eat in the city?

E: You've got good Chinese food.

You always seem to end up wrecking the neighborhood at the end of these movies. If you could destroy San Francisco, how would you do it?

E: San Francisco should be let off the hook because the Golden Gate Bridge has just been f**ked up too many times. Pacific Rim, X men

S: I was just party to a starship crashing into SF when I was last here.

It happens every couple of years!

E: I think there should just be a big summer film where people just plant flowers in San Francisco.

S: I was actually frustrated by the ending [of Star Trek]. I wish that The Vengeance had crashed into the Bay and just splashed SF. I felt a little disappointed that they laid waste to…

N: La La La La [shakes head]

S: He hasn't seen it yet.

E: You just wanted a great big daddy splash.

S: It could have crashed on Pleasanton.

N: It could have crashed on San Quentin, let all the inmates out and… you know.

Any other ways you'd like to flatter us?

N: We love San Francisco.

E: I love great movies shot here! Not so much anymore, but there should be more movies shot in San Francisco. 

S: One of the greatest, if we are going to pull a film reference out of the hat, we'll say that the '78 Invasion of the Bodysnatchers has been a big influence, all the way back to Shaun of the Dead.

E: Let's say it's THE San Francisco film.


You can read my longer interview with Pegg, Frost and Wright here. The World's End opens in SF theaters this weekend.

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