Rebar and Rapha's Marina Parklet Controversy


We've covered local purveyor of parklets Rebar Art & Design Studio a few times before for all the amazing work they've done to beautify our city and bring San Franciscans together by creating awesome community chill spots (almost 40 and counting!). But recently, a new Marina parklet of theirs has come under fire for being too "out there."

The district's supervisor Mark Farrell has seized on a window of opportunity to get rid of the conceptual space–or at least alter its "look at me" design. Apparently, work was begun on the parklet on the basis of a verbal OK from city, but was soon delayed from being finished thanks to a permitting issue (big surprise!). That's when Farrell swooped in and made a case for why the way the parklet's looks should be changed. He told the SF Chronicle: "I'd like something a little more neutral."

With design and concept ideas from the Marina's own Rapha Cycle Club, Rebar rolled out a space on the corner of Fillmore and Filbert Streets which spans two parking spots using an old Citroen H van. The repurposed vintage vehicle, traditionally used as a sweeper van in major cycling races to pick up struggling cyclists, sandwiches spots for people to kick back and relax at will. It's an attempt to tell a story and give the 'hood a conversation piece at the same time. Who can argue with that?

Not everyone hates the parklet's style. The Chronicle piece quotes plenty of Marina dwellers' positive reviews. And the whole thing will likely remain in its place, just with a different design. Rebar and Rapha have already set the bar pretty high, so if they have to come up with something new, we know they'll deliver something just as cool.

What do you think about the parklet?

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