photography by Heather Wiley

Catholic Charities CYO’s annual fundraiser, The Red House party, raised $77,000 for its HIV/AIDS programs. Folks including Sunday's a Drag Donna Sachet and CCCYO Board President Cecilia Herbert gathered last Monday at Catch restaurant in the Castro for food, cocktails, music and prizes.

Megan Baker, Talia Smith          Chris Callandrillo, Mia Tran       Renee Blodgett, Bobby Hickey

Alex Randall, Michael Lynch     Miguel Bustos, Maynard Jenkins  Kristina Joss, Melissa Williams

Nick Silva, Elliot Simon Temple        Bettina Devin                  Kitty Schockey, Matilda Stubbs

Alex Randall, Gary Weiss          Ke Zhang, Brian Urmanita      Natalie Beitashour, Justin Barra

Claire Minda, Gina Tanner       Renee Blodgett, Ray Lewis   Clarisssa Santiago, Kristen Hickey

Daniel Moore, Gina Tanner, Christopher Rodriguez   Cecilia Herbert, Nanette Miller

Marti Sullivan, Tere Brown, Christian Irizarry           Catherine Danaher, Natalie Beitashour

Marti Sulllivan, Nick Silva, Patricia Glasser             Elliot Simon Temple, Donna Sachet

Mary Schembri, Jerry Anderson, Michael Lynch (of United Way)

Brian Urmanita, Rick Levy

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