Revisit: Heaven's Dog Remains True


I raved about the drinks at Heaven's Dog after my first visit, which was only a week or so after it opened. I loved the menu, the style, the execution. But no restaurant should be judged prematurely--revisiting is good both to see if things have improved or to see if they've remained consistent.

I'm happy to report that I'm still in love with the drink program at Heaven's Dog. If anything, it's gotten better. For one, there's a lot of talent behind the bar, some of which wasn't there at the beginning. The likes of Thad Vogler (who designed Beretta), Jackie Patterson (late of Zinnia, Orson), Jon Santer (Beretta, Bourbon and Branch fame), Jen Colliau (still of the Slanted Door and the mastermind behind Small Hands Foods cocktail syrups) can be found there throughout the week, lending serious experience, creativity and skill to the "Freedom From Choice" cocktail, which basically grants the bartender license to improvise.

And the HD list is still good. I've tried most everything on it, and its tweaked classics from the Gentleman's Companion book of 1939 are still remarkable for their clarity and intensity. Most recently I had the Gin Fizz Tropical (Plymouth gin, pineapple gum syrup, orgeat, lime, egg white, mint and soda) and found it to be both frothily fun, yet also complex and adult.

If you haven't been in yet, give that dog a bone.

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