Revolver: (Not So) Hidden Gem in the Haight


Sometimes (okay, most of the time) we just can't seem to find the time or energy to spend the day hunting for unique pieces to spruce up our wardrobe on the cheap.

Well ladies and gentlemen, say hello to your new one-stop shop.

Nestled just far enough off Haight to feel like a secret treasure, Revolver is frighteningly close to what our dream closet would look like. And what our boyfriend's dream closet would look like. In fact, we really wouldn't be opposed to packing up and moving into the rustic boutique-slash-gallery space.

Daydreams aside, you can expect to find handmade men's, women's and unisex wardrobe staples with an updated Americana feel, along with an expertly curated selection of books, jewelry, and accessories. A one-of-a-kind sailcloth tote with vintage horse rein leather handles and Denham the Jeanmaker tailored utility jacket are currently topping our extensive list.

But what really makes Revolver stand out is the pride they take in selecting what goes into the shop (which includes their own creations) and art gallery, making it that much easier to justify that new pair of perfectly distressed Japanese jeans.

Oh, and they have a pretty killer blog too. Did we mention we really like this place?

Revolver, 136 Fillmore St., b/t Germania and Waller Sts., 415-871-0665

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