New Year's Eve is not an evening most people spend at the movies, but considering the commotion in the streets, the difficulty of getting last-minute dinner reservations and the overcrowding at the bars – thanks in part to novice drinkers ready to paint the town red with vomit – perhaps the last night of 2010 would be the perfect time to catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Clay Theatre.

Whether the single-screen Fillmore Street venue survives another year is anybody's guess – it avoided closure in late August when a last-minute, short-term deal was struck between Landmark Theatres and landlord Balgobind Jaiswal. Whatever the case, Friday night is not the time to worry about the Clay's uncertain future but to celebrate its jubilant present by doing the Time Warp again, promptly – when else? – at the stroke of midnight. For tickets, visit the theater's official site.