Rob Prideaux Photography Brings Businesses to Life


If you're looking for a photographer to bring your business or product to life, Rob Prideaux is your guy. This San Francisco-based photographer, who's worked with the likes of Google and Wells Fargo, injects his unique style into each photo he snaps, through wit, quirkiness, and by glamorizing the grotesque as well as the beautiful.

If you've had a photo project that you thought was impossible, or have some products you need glorified, call Rob. He'll take on myriad projects, no matter how challenging–and he's especially interested in "heroic objects, technical challenges, exaggeration, wry commentary, new techniques, and new ideas."

Above are some photos from one of his latest projects, "Smoke & Fire." In the course of making his other conceptual and narrative photographs, he found he needed smoke and fire for certain effects. Gradually, he began to appreciate these elements all by themselves, and to devote more attention to making artful pictures of fire and smoke. He loved the creative process utilizing each element, through which the quiet, wafting smoke was juxtaposed with the chaotic characteristics of fire. And that's just a taste of what Rob is capable of.

For more, and bigger examples of his gorgeous and provocative work, check out his website, or give him a call at 415-533-8954.

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