I’ve read a lot about artists going green, with tour buses run on biodiesel fuel and other steps taken to reduce their carbon imprint. Heck, Sheryl Crow even toured with Laurie David (“Stop Global Warming Now”). It’s always great to hear about the newly enlightened and good to know that they can lead by example.

photo courtesy of Radiohead

The latest to go green is the band Radiohead, which made waves several months ago by releasing their latest offering online for download without record company involvement—they simply made the MP3 files of the songs available online for anyone to download for whatever the cost. That was green enough in itself, as it eliminated the wasteful plastic jewel case and paper packaging. (Sidenote: The album is fantastic.) But the band members are seriously committed to going green while on the road and they posted on their website about their plans to work with a group called Best Foot Forward in taking steps to minimize their environmental impact. One of their first solutions is to book concert dates in venues that are accessible by public transportation. Bravo.