courtesy of San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Greetings and salutations, film nerds and nerdettes. As you well know, I’m still on my much-needed vacation, which means I’m working on my tan and taking swimming lessons from the Swedish bikini team. I don’t want to leave you, my loyal readers, without a little dose of the Reel so here’s a few film happenings to keep you satiated for the time being. Until next time, be bad and get into bikini-clad trouble baby.

Film Happenings Around Town:
•    The Last Days of Disco (with Chloe Sevigny) - (1998) Dir. Stillman - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  screening room (tonight)
•    San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - Castro Theatre (this weekend)
•    Max Phuls: Motion and Emotion - Pacific Film Archives (starts Friday)