San Francisco City Hall Celebrates 100 Years in June


To celebrate San Francisco City Hall's 100th birthday, this week Mayor Edwin Lee announced a City Hall Centennial Celebration befitting such a majestic landmark.
City Hall has seen it all, including total destruction in the wake of the Great Earthquake of 1906. Having been rebuilt on a brand new foundation, today she stands, says California Senator Diane Feinstein, as "a symbol of the city’s ability to rise from the ashes, like the mythical phoenix, even stronger than before."

Sometimes called "The People's Palace," City Hall has welcomed home soldiers from two World Wars and provided a stage for progressive activists and countless protests that would later spur important political and cultural change. Once the scene of the murder of LGBT rights pioneer and city supervisor Harvey Milk, the building later hosted the country's first same-sex marriages under Mayor Gavin Newsom, setting the stage for sweeping reform across the country. Its facade has been lit up in a rainbow hues to celebrate everything from Pride to three triumphant World Series wins by the San Francisco Giants. 

The city's celebration of the big 1-0-0 will commence on June 19, with a birthday bash as big as the building herself. The public celebration, complete with food trucks and live music, will be held at Civic Center Plaza, free and open to all.  //  For more information, head over to

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