San Francisco Ranked Sixth-Best City for Bicycling


Despite our tricky topography, the editors over at Bicycling Magazine have bestowed upon our fair metropolis the distinction of sixth-best city in the nation for cycling, bested on the West Coast only by the likes of Seattle, Eugene and Portland. To whom, or what, do we owe the pleasure? Perhaps it started with Puck, the devilish bike messenger on the Real World; maybe it's the city's green heart, sensitive as it is to earth-minded commuting options. Or the health-smart population, eager to get in 20 minutes of exercise to make the eight hours in front of the computer a little more tolerable. No doubt the brazen champions of the fixed-gear movement have a little to do with the honor as well. Whatever the reason (or combinations thereof), the SF Bicycle Coalition reports a rapidly growing alliance (now topping the 11,000-member mark). Trust us, this is a bandwagon worth jumping on. Dust off your wheels (if you don't have any, consider one of the lightweight European-style cruisers by Public Bikes—launching this week), attend the SFBC's free urban-cycling workshop at REI this Saturday, April 17, and you're off! Don't forget your helmet, and never, under any circumstances, cross those Market Street rails when it's raining. That's an order.

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