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The “typical” San Francisco woman?

I’ve heard them described as independent, snobby, sophisticated, comfortable, smart, flaky, athletic, not as cute but super cool (please don’t not kill the messenger here).

Sure, you’ll find these types in any major metropolis, but in SF they are abundant (especially the independent, cool, smart ones.)

There’s certainly an allure to living in San Francisco, especially when I’ve been traveling to other locales. Lately, I’ve been curious to see what kind of reputation our city has for those living elsewhere.

Not that you need to worry. It’s not that anything has gone particularly wrong (save for the usual complaints about the weather, the homeless, the size—what to do when you’ve slept with everyone in the city, for example.)

San Francisco proper has been described as: cool, smart, political, hip, diverse, sophisticated (just like our women, in fact).

One guy from LA told me: “San Francisco women are definitely smarter, cooler and way more interesting than the women I date in LA. There’s this ‘real’ factor I don’t find much in Los Angeles.”

I’m not a huge fan of stereotyping anyone or thing, and some of my favorite women live in LA. But since I’ve been on this “what’s happening in San Francisco” bender, I felt like I needed to share.

For last year’s 7x7 Sex Issue I conducted a roundtable of San Franciscans to discuss dating, sex, cheating, swinging and text messaging to name a few.

We talked (and drank) for hours. I just came across the entire transcript, which—due to space limitations—wasn’t printed in its entirety in 7x7. Read the lengthier, detailed version here

I’m constantly meeting women here doing amazing things, and more specifically around sex and dating. I’ve interviewed a bunch lately and have had a ball doing it.

Just needed to share that I feel lucky to have planted roots among all of you.

And now, I’ll end with a bit more on SF women from the 7x7 Sex Issue Roundtable:

Steve: [SF women are] career oriented, successful. Women out here get married a lot later. They’re very powerful and I think they’re also intelligent and articulate and they have the means to go without a man much longer than in other parts of the country.

Emily: So, is that a turn on or is that a detriment to these guys?

Carl: I’m attracted to women who are successful. You hear a lot of women say, “Men don’t come up to me because I’m successful” and my personal experience is “bullshit.” When I meet a woman  who is successful and if she appeals to me physically, I’m like cha-ching, right on, cool. Here’s a girl that can pay her half if we go on vacation.

Steve: The women here are fricking fabulous. Of course, they have their issues. We all do. Part of it is, there are so many choices here we have a hard time being comfortable in the one thing we decide to do. It’s hard to be content. But I’d say SF women aren’t as money-hungry as in New York or LA, or as artificial-looking as New York or LA. They don’t look for a man to complete them, so you have to be comfortable with that. Look, I picked this city for all those reasons! I’m here because I don’t have to try too hard.


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