Sandra Bernhard on Shoulder Pads, Gay Marriage and Propositioning Letterman


For 25 years, Sandra Bernhard has been challenging fans and critics with her knife-edged humor, satire and emotive performances on film, television and stage. And on the heels of her newly-released album, Whatever It Takes she's treating SF to comedy, commentary and music with “An Evening with Sandra Bernhard” at Hotel Nikko for the next two weeks. We caught up with the fiery redhead to talk fashion, LGBT issues and David Letterman.

You have always been such a fashionista. I always like to see what you are wearing when you walk out on stage.
I think it's important to jazz it up and look glamorous and fabulous. It gives the show a different feel and vibe to it. And of course I love wearing my Manolo Blahnik shoes.

What's one 80's style you're obsessed with?
Big shoulder pads. The Grace Jones/Dallas (TV) vibe. I mean it was really cool and original!

I loved it when you were a guest on Letterman's show. Did you ever get propositioned by him?
If anything I would have proposition him! I always thought he was cute, fun and funny. We had a lot of good times.

Who are the top 3 actors or singers on your favorite list?
, Chrissie Hynde
, Stevie Nicks

What are your thoughts on gay marriage?
I want to see it on a national level so everyone can benefit on their taxes.  It's time for everyone to step up to the plate. We are at a point where it should just be a given.  I want to say to Obama, "be the one who breaks the chain of stupidity."

If you could change one thing about the LGBT community, what would it be?
I think sometimes the tone is too serious. We need to see a little more irony in things and have more of a sense of humor.

Do have your Halloween costume picked out?
My daughter is going as a fairy. She's really into it. I have never been a Halloween girl. I guess I feel like I'm always in a costume.

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