We have come to know and love and or hate Sandra Bernhard in her various incarnations -- cabaret comedienne, frienemy of Madonna, purveyor of deadpan snark, pioneering lesbian character on the Roseanne show, kabala mystic ….oh the permutations go on and on.

And here she is again with yet another identity costume change:  an Afro/Rock concept album about sexual, religious and racial intolerance.

Yup. It’s the Sandra Bernhard concept album about sexual, religious and racial intolerance that your soul has been crying out for. Only you didn't know it.

The album,"Whatever it Takes", which came out in August, was produced by Ted Mason of Modern English. Bernhard collaborated with African musicians on this album and it features lady rock icon Chrissie Hynde too.

And it's coming to The Razz Room next week.

Sandra Bernhard’s material has always existed in a twilight zone between earnestness and mockery.  The Razz Room show promises to blend “comedy, commentary and music.”

Which leads one to the burning question  of how one can blend comedy with songs about sexual, religious and racial intolerance?

Afro/Rock bi-sexual Kabalists everywhere are waiting with bated breath.