Saucy And Free: Parties With French Miami, White Cloud, Silian Rail At Milk


It’s one thing to cover the bands -- it’s whole another wet ‘n’ wild burrito to book and promote the bands themselves. Ah, the lines get mighty fuzzy these days, where the blogosphere meets brick and mortar, and the latest entry into the party-throwing frenzy we call the SF music scene comes from

Still, local artists can use all the love they can get. And free makes the whirl go round. Plus the lineup looks plenty promising at the March 11 launch of the’s new, free semi-weekly party at Milk. Yes, you heard right: The site of the former Boomerang Club and the longtime beat/hip-hop venue is threatening to bring rock back to the Haight. (RIP Nightbreak)

The night’s bands are bound to deliver: French Miami has garnered an enviable rep for its dance- floor-greasing, super-spazz-yet-somehow-very-math post-punk. also predicts fine, fine things for the SF combo’s forthcoming 2010 album. Can I get an anthem? White Cloud has been steadily rising, lifted by a bank of fuzz and reverb -- apparently the East Bay abounds with psych-dappled Krautrock these days. Beam me up, Sky Saxon. And then there’s the indescribably delish, genre-smashing Silian Rail, friend to metalhead and post-rocker alike.

Did we mention it’s free? Word has it that the $1 PBRs and $3 pints will flow freely. Look for a Neon Indian DJ set, Afghan Raiders, and Boyz IV Men on March 25 and Man/Miracle, Butterfly Bones, Red Blue Yellow, and Beehive Spirit on April 1 at Milk. presents French Miami, White Cloud, and Silian Rail Thursday, March 11, at Milk, 1840 Haight St., SF. Free. For more info, go to, and RSVP at

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