Scavenger Crawl 2011 in SOMA This Sunday: Get Ready to Drink & Raise Money for Charity


Running around the city solving riddles, searching for hidden clues and drinking beer dressed like a ninja is a heck of a way to spend a Sunday —especially for a good cause. The 2011 Scavenger Crawl is here to help you kick off the summer as a hybrid pub crawl/costume party/charity event that benefits Brush Fire Painting Workshops, an organization dedicated to healing kids through art.

You get three hours in one SF neighborhood (last year's was the Mission, this year's is SOMA) to solve all the clues, which are kept on the easier side so you actually have a chance to finish it within the time span and get some drinking in along the way at the various participating bars and pubs. For example: "Are you thirsty?  Here’s a bar for you to quench your thirst.  They serve great food here, especially if you like ham and oysters.  In fact, this is the first ham and oyster bar I have ever heard of. Find this place, have a beer, and tell us the name of the establishment."

Whether you're in it to win it or just to enjoy cocktail after cocktail, the Scavenger Crawl is where it's at this Sunday, June 12. Plus, there's an after party!

Sign up in advance here (or bring cash the day of) and head to Sports Basement on Bryant Street for the start of the race. If this year's Scavenger Crawl raises enough funds, Brush Fire will be able to implement after-school art classes in the Bayview next fall. Righteous!

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