This week's Scenes of the City chronicles the Crissy Field and Ocean Beach kiteboarders and windsurfers. To get into wind sports on the Bay, check out our guide here

  A kiteboarder passes in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A kiteboarder gets some air near the FV "Madeline" out of Crescent City, CA while a windsurfer speeds by in the middle of SF Bay.

A windsurfer heads into shore after battling the elements at Crissy Field.

A kiteboarder catches some air at Ocean Beach.

A windsurfer takes advantage of the Pacific Ocean breeze coming under the Golden Gate.

 A kiteboarder recovers from a near-crash at Ocean Beach as another speeds by behind him.

A pair of windsurfers traverse SF Bay.

Ocean Beach.

More fun at Ocean Beach.