Behind the loosely guarded fences of Hunters Point Shipyard sits the old San Francisco Police Athletic Club, also known as Building 120, among the decaying relics of the old shipyard.

It's hard to tell how long it's been abandoned, and records are few and far between. Today, the building feels like the doors were sealed in the mid-eighties with full cans of non-alcoholic beer on the full size bar, a hotel pan of some mystery dish, half used deodorant, and the smell of sweat stained walls hanging in the air.

The inside is filled with everything you would need to get your workout on from old Nordic Tracks, free weights, a boxing ring, and old row boats. The backside of the building is a disarray of tarps, asphalt, an old elevated swimming pool and a collapsing tiki bar.

The building is sealed and the public is not allowed in – so let this be your look inside. Enjoy the photos and let us know of any old memories you may have of this place in the comment box below.