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Nick Drake

What self-proclaimed music aficionado doesn’t like to engage in lengthy discussions about musical minutiae, or dissect the delicate subtleties of production or lyrics that changed the face of music for our generation? Sound like you and your partners in sonic crime? If so, throw on your best and most dignified but slightly tattered music critic ensemble and head to the Herbst Theatre for some serious rock talk at the Talking Music Arts & Lectures series co-hosted by Noise Pop. Making its debut this fall, the colorful six-part series offers a wide range of topics and features a number of well-respected performers like “Remembering Nick Drake” on Tuesday, October 2, where legendary producer Joe Boyd, singer/songwriter Jolie Holland and Drake’s sister, actress Gabrielle Drake, will discuss the life and music of the talented and melancholic musician. On Tuesday, October 16, check out “Talking Music with Bob Mould” in which author and veteran rock journalist Michael Azzerad discusses all things music with the former Hüsker Dü frontman. Come experience the intellectual side of rock at the Talking Music series; it will keep you and your aspiring musicologist friends busy–that is until the new Thrills album drops next month.

Talking Music part of City Arts & Lectures
 “Remembering Nick Drake”
Tuesday, October 2
Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness, 415-621-6600
8 p.m., $19.
Check the website for upcoming Talking Music lectures
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