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Emily Morse wants you to have great sex, which is what inspired her to create an iPhone app dedicated to just that. 101 Sex Tips from Sex With Emily provides fun-sized tidbits pulled from Morse's extensive research that are sure to spice things up in the bedroom, kitchen, car, get the picture.

Timid about tantric? Resistant to role play? Don't fret, Sex With Emily culled a selection of her favorite tips from her podcast for the app that are doable for everyone, those intimidated by karma sutra illustrations included (you want me to put my what where?!). So whether you just need to slow down and breathe or introduce a Rabbit into your sex life, 101 Sex Tips is here to guide the way.

Get a taste of what's to come with a few of Morse's favorite tips from the app:

12. Bondage tip: Congratulations. You've tied up your partner, so no need to worry about what to do next. Simply do whatever you'd do if your partner wasn't tied up. Let the games begin!

44. What men want: A study of men’s desires in the bedroom found that most wished their partner would take the control more often, and they weren’t talking about the remote. From initiating the act, to donning a sexy something, to taking the lead throughout the entire deed. It can even start with a sexy and suggestive talking about what you’d like to do to your partner.

54. 30 day sex challenge: For 30 days challenge yourself to have sex every day. That’s right, every, single, day. More sex ignites your libido and more O-mazing things happen with greater frequency.

63. Breathe: Most women tend to unconsciously hold their breath during sex, which can kill arousal. Breathe and sex go together like condoms and a penis. You’re more likely to climax if you’ve got your breathing under control So taking slow, regular breaths will allow you to feel the excitement build, and the more controlled breath the deeper the orgasm.

Craving more? Download 101 Sex Tips from Sex With Emily (which is updated regularly with new tips) and be on the look-out for an upcoming interactive gaming app to play with your partner within the coming months.

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