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Introducing your new favorite summer drink: the Improved NASCAR Spritz. Created by Chad Arnholt of Trick Dog, the spritz is an easy-to-make, high-low concoction of Miller High Life, Aperol, and lime peel, served in a beer bottle. The refreshing brew is perfect for picnics at the park, backyard BBQs, or just sitting at home cueing up Netflix. 

Improved NASCAR Spritz

Serves 1

1 Miller High Life in a bottle 

1 shot of Aperol

Lime peel

1. Pour out one shot of Miller High Life— or drink it. 

2. Pour Aperol into the Miller High Life bottle, topping off to previous level of fullness.

3. Coil lime peel in tight spiral with green skin facing out, and slowly unravel the coil into the neck of the beer bottle. This touch adds a welcome dose of lime zest to each sip.

4. Recap the bottle using the original cap, and slowly invert until all ingredients mix.

5. Uncap and enjoy!