Seven Stylish Finds from Union Design


Despite the overcast skies and cooler temps, Sunday’s Union Design festival (formerly Capsule) in Hayes Valley was just as much the outpouring of fashion and design talent as always. Over 130 designers touted apparel and accessories ranging from pretty organic cotton dresses and silkscreened baby tees to steampunk-inspired regalia and handmade hats. Here, seven stylish finds from our fashion foraging:

1. Biker chic from a local source: we’re revved up about leather jackets for men and women made by Heathen, a label based in the Mission District.

2. Bamboo we’d definitely do: geometric shapes pair up with hand-painted details in these bamboo earrings from The Harbinger Co.

3. Flapper for just a few: take any outfit temporarily to the 1920’s with this fringe collar necklace from Hengst.

4. Feathered friends: we’d love to pal around with this high drama ear gear from Kucoon.

5. Getting the message: a rugged way to reduce, reuse and recycle comes courtesy of RossCo’s messenger bags made from old billboards, sails and climbing harnesses.

6. Meet your match: Pewter pendant necklaces in adorable fabric-lined matchboxes make Jenny and Jimbob’s creations a new, relatively affordable (as we recall, prices were $15 a pop) favorite for party favors, gift-toppers and just-because-you’re-special treats.

7. Faking it: We’re real suckers for the diva-worthy poof of the silk-lined faux fur scarves and wraps from San Rafael-based Allure in Style. Tahoe, anyone?
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