One of the ladies on my team at ecofabulous braved the crowds last week to see Sex and The City. And what she took away from it was a strong hankering for a Cosmopolitan. Better than a Manolo craving! So we've set out to make the delectable Cosmo truly ecofabulous. Here's how:

1. Pour in two parts Modmix (Modmix concocts the most delicious Pomegranate Cosmopolitan mixer made entirely from certified organic ingredients).
2. Add to that 1-2 parts (depending on your taste) of Square One's organic rye vodka, complete with water direct from the Teton Range of Wyoming—it is top shelf with a green twist.
3. Shake over ice (if you don't have a shaker, use your commuter mug since it most likely has a top) and strain (using a spoon to keep out the ice) into a beautiful martini glass from Mariposa—sculpted in sandcast recycled aluminum (available at Saks Fifth Avenue).
5. Garnish with mint from your garden or the local farmer's market ... or even pomegranate seeds when in season.
6. And voilà ! This Cosmo is straight up sexy and sustainable—unless you drink like we do!