Last year I was asked by 7x7 magazine to conduct a roundtable with a diverse group of San Franciscans talking about sex. The article on that roundtable ran in the 7x7 Sex Issue last summer.

I received a ton of feedback on the story ranging from “Thank god I’m not the only one who needs a really good hand job” to “Why can’t I seem to have a threesome?” to tell me the truth, Emily, “Was that my ex on the panel?”

Well, now you can listen to the podcasts from that night right here.

Listen to part 1 of the roundtable podcast.
Listen to part 2 of the roundtable podcast.

photography by Stefanie Michejda

So, now it’s one year later, and I need to hear from you.

How have you experimented sexually this year?

Are you finding what you like in the dating pool?

Are you experiencing any “trends” in your dating or sex life?

Where are you meeting all of the eligible single people?

If you’re committed, is your sex life getting better or worse? Why?

And anything else you think I should know and in turn, all of San Francisco will know.

Please add your comments and answers below. You can also email me (and remain anonymous if you’d like!) at