Sex & The SF Woman: Four Experts Who are Changing the Playing Field


The city’s new wave of feminism wholeheartedly embraces sex—and the disparities between the men and women having it. Meet four experts who are changing the rules of the playing field.

Nicole Daedone, OneTaste Founder (above)

Men and women have been flocking to Nicole Daedone’s OneTaste in SoMa for her relationship, sexuality, and couples workshops for six years now. Some go on to the resident program and orgasmic meditation (OM) practice—more on that later. In May, she releases Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, a guide to more intimate, even spiritual, sex. Read the full Q&A here.



Sabrina Chaw, Nutrition Coach

According to Sabrina Chaw, you can eat in a way that uses masculine energy (hasty and goal-centered) or feminine energy (mindful and slow). A quiet, healthful meal ranks high on Chaw’s recommendations at A Feminine Feast, a nutrition practice with a heavy bent on yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. When women come to Chaw to address body image and weight, she coaches them on the pleasures of food and how to eat from their feminine side. That, in turn, nourishes their sexuality and relationships. Read the full Q&A here.



Ginger Murray, Whore! Editor In Chief

In June, Ginger Murray launched a print quarterly, the first issue of which covered such varied topics as vibrators, linguistics, gay porn, history, and car repair. The idea is to provoke intelligent conversations about sexuality, gender, and identity. Murray named her magazine Whore! as a way to embrace the word’s earliest definition: one who desires. It’s also not a bad ploy to get people talking. Read the full Q&A here.


Louann Brizendine, UCSF neuropsychiatrist
It’s a cliché, but Louann Brizendine doesn’t doubt that the penis has a mind of its own. Autopilot erections are uncontrollable and don’t necessarily mean a man wants to have sex. That’s just one of the stereotypes the Sausalito resident examines in her book, The Male Brain, the followup to her best-selling The Female Brain. Using research and anecdotal evidence drawn from her practice, Brizendine shines a light on how men’s brains develop, what makes guys fall in love, and why they finally commit. Read the full Q&A here.


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