Sex Toys and Security at SFO


By now you’ve learned the liquid travel limit and have your Ziploc handy. You’re not as annoyed that you have take off your shoes and overcoat, place your laptop in a bin and empty all of your pockets.

But what to do about your sex toys? It’s a completely different challenge but one that you can overcome. So don’t let this happen to you:

Last week, I had one of my annual reunions with my best girlfriends from college. We all meet once a year in Chicago, Michigan or San Francisco to sit around, laugh, tell stories and make fun of each other. One lives in Michigan with three kids, the other in Chicago with three kids and another in SF with a newborn child. The rule is that there are no children, husbands, boyfriends or other people allowed during our weekends.

This time we all stayed at my house and found a few minutes to go through my bags of sex toys samples—a major perk of my job, by the way.

My Michigan friend hasn’t had a vibrator, as raising three boys has held her attention elsewhere. So we decided to send her out with a sexy care package. I even flipped out the batteries as advised by experts on this sort of thing. However, due to heightened security and the fact that her license expired (damn birthdays!), she was pulled aside to get the contents of her bags dumped and searched.

Our Chicago friend apparently stood on the other side, watching this turn of events—sex toys and a colorful bottle of special lubrication being waved around—laughing uncontrollably. 

Don’t let that happen to you. You’ve been warned! Follow these tips on traveling with toys.

And, a few of my favorite toys—good for travel, and fun for everyone:

Doc Johnson, travel vibrator

Hidden Pleasures (pictured)

Vibrating Sponge

Wishing you safe toy-travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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