SF Ballet Auxiliary Diamond Gala


The SF Ballet launched its 75th anniversary season with an opening night shindig called "The Diamond Gala Celebration." The Ballet Auxiliary's black-tie event and fundraiser included dinner at City Hall, a ballet performance and an after-party with food, drink and multiple dance venues.

Zachary Bogue_Marissa Mayer O.J. Shansby Pamela Joyner_Alfred Guiffrida
Zachary Bogue, Marissa Mayer               O.J. Shansby      Pamela Joyner in Dior, Alfred Guiffrida

Bita Daryabari_Justin Fichelson Shannon Bavaro in vintage Halston
Bita Daryabari, Justin Fichelson                                                 Shannon Bavaro in vintage Halston

Yurie Pascarella_Carl Pascarella Nicola Miner in Lanvin Albert Thuesen_Debra Leylegian
Yurie & Carl Pascarella                       Nicola Miner in Lanvin      Albert Thuesen, Debra Leylegian

Yuan Yuan Tan_guest Sandy Mandel_Jean Larette Sloan Barnett in Christian Lacroix
Yuan Yuan Tan, guest                Sandy Mandel, Jean Larette   Sloan Barnett in Christian Lacroix

John Grotts_Lisa Grotts Barbara Brown in Bill Blass Robin Collins_Pamela Joyner
John & Lisa Grotts                         Barbara Brown in Bill Blass        Robin Collins, Pamela J.

Chris Hellman_Paul Pelosi Katie Jarman in Marc Bouwer Claudia Ross_Robert Fountain
Frances Bowes, Paul Pelosi       Katie Jarman in Marc Bouwer    Claudia Ross, Robert Fountain

Lesley Koenig_Glenn McCoy Marcy Carmack in YSL
Lesley Koenig in Colleen Quen, Glenn McCoy                                Marcy Carmack in YSL

Helgi Tomasson_Marlene Tomasson Elizabeth Thieriot Cheryl Baxter in Valentino
Helgi & Marlene Tomasson                  Elizabeth Thieriot                Cheryl Baxter in Valentino

Gary Shansby_O.J. Shansby Glenn McCoy_Craig Lipton George Shultz_Charlotte Shultz
Gary & O.J. Shansby                      Glenn M., Craig Lipton              George & Charlotte Shultz

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